Long-time reggae veteran Chuck Foster returns to dub with a vengeance on his latest dub release Rebel Dub, managing, in the words of one listener, to out-dub himself. Rebel Dub comes with a stripped-down, bass-and-drum heavy mix that eschews horns and harks back to the vintage sound of the roots and rockers eras. Jamaica's Tony Chin (Soul Syndicate, Observer Allstars and The Aggrovators) layers guitars throughout and Studio One/Channel One alumni Tony Bird bubbles and solos. Recorded at Rough Sounds in Redondo Beach California with Mike Irwin on bass, piano and melodica, UK's Horseman on drums, Rex Bailey on guitar, steel and ukulele, Chuck Foster on guitar, harmonica and (sparse) vocals and Lai Hee on percussion, the mix (by Mike and Chuck) is laden with echo, reverb and effects in the grand tradition of authentic Jamaican dub.

The tenth release from Catch Me Time Records in the last five years, Rebel Dub remixes tracks originally constructed for Chuck's most recent vocal offering Last Call. Reggae Update columnist for Beat Magazine for two decades, author of two books about the music and in 2017 celebrating 35 years since he started playing reggae on the radio in Southern California and twenty years as host of Reggae Central on KPFK in LA, Chuck chaired a dub panel in 2010 at the University of West Indies in Kingston and has written extensively about reggae for myriad publications including Billboard. His early history in music includes recording (or sometimes just being a fly on the wall) at some of the great West Coast sound temples including Capital Records Studio B, Gold Star, Four Arts, Western and Wally Heider. "Reggae music is my passion," he says, "and dub is the essence of reggae. It's reggae music pared to the bone, with everything that isn't reggae removed, altered or intrinsically imbued with the vibe that makes reggae one of the greatest innovations in the history of music." The new release takes a fresh approach to dub, incorporating instrumental solos and avoiding imitation (all the riddims are original constructs) while returning to dub's experimental tradition. Taking it's place alongside his previous releases Conscious Dub, Rightoeus Dub and California Dubbin', Rebel Dub takes the journey a little farther as a contemporary take on a classic style with a sound that manages to be sophisticated and raw, hard-edged and pleasing to the ear, heavy, heartical and whole.


1) Last Shall Dub First

2) Dub Walking

3) Give Dub A Try

4) Hawaii To Jamaica Dub

5) Homecoming Version

6) Upful Dub

7) Dub It Up

8) Changing Time Dub

9) Hickabilly Jungle Dub

10) Wheel and Turn Dub

11) Boxcar Version

12) Rebel Dub

13) This Dub Will Spin Your Head

14) Refugees In Dub

15) War and Peace Dub


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